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Are you looking to enclose some work space in your office, without having to do a lot of building work? You don’t want to deal with the time and expense, plus putting up walls won’t look all that attractive. If you’re looking for an alternative, then double glazed partitions Liverpool are the way to go.

These partitions are highly versatile, and you can use them in all kinds of ways to make your office up to date. Here are some ideas for them, so you can see how you can install them in your own space.

Create Work Pods Or Separate Offices

Double Glazed Partitions LiverpoolOne of the most popular ways to use glass partitions is to create separate offices or work pods for your staff. You want them to have their own space to work but you don’t want them to be cut off from the rest of the team. Glass partitions are the answer.

As they can see through them, they can see what’s happening at all times. It’s much better than creating walled offices, where they are separated from everyone else. It’s a lot safer too, as they can see if anything is happening on the floor.

Plus, the noise cancelling features of the glass will keep noise out when they need it the most. Shut the door, and they can get on with that important document without interruption.

Form New Entrance Ways

Depending on the layout of your office floor, you may not have a proper entrance as such. You do want to make an impression on anyone who comes by, so how can you delineate the space that’s yours, and show what a modern work space you have?

Double glazed partitions Liverpool are perfect for this. They work well as decorative pieces, creating an entranceway that looks great wherever you put it. Plus, you can still see through it so you’ll be able to see who’s coming and going.

Partition Off A Waiting Area

Do you have a lot of visitors at your office? You may interview new recruits regularly, or have clients in for meetings. Whoever is coming in, you want to show them that you’re professional in everything you do. That includes creating a real waiting area that looks good.

If you have an open floor office though, how can you do that? You can simply create a waiting room using glass partitions. These allow you to make a separate room, without actually separating out the rest of the floor from it. It looks great, and offers a comfortable place for visitors to wait.

Make A Meeting Room

This is probably the common usage of double glazed partitions Liverpool. Every office needs at least one meeting room, but they don’t all have one. You can create a meeting room with these partitions anywhere on your office floor, as they’re so flexible. It makes choosing a spot for it a lot easier, as you don’t need to worry about blocking out the light.

Again, as the partitions block out sound, you can have meetings in your new meeting room without having to worry about sound getting in and making it hard to hear. When you really need to concentrate on a meeting, that’s to be expected. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sound from the meeting itself bleeding out onto the office floor.

Enclose A Break Space

Need to create a break space in your office? Glass partitions are a great way of doing this. Again, like other examples on this list, you have the choice of where you put it. The glass won’t block natural light so you can really place the break room wherever you want it to be.

This is another place where sound dampening works well, too. You want your staff to be able to chat and relax without disturbing the rest of the office. They can do that if you use glazed partitions to surround the space.

These are just a few ways you can use your double glazed partitions Liverpool to create a modern and welcoming office environment. Get in touch with us today, and we can give you a quote on adding them into your office. They make all the difference, so make the call today.

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