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If there’s one thing you can’t find in most offices, it’s somewhere quiet where you can get on with work or hold a meeting. They’re busy places, and there’s always something going on. If you need somewhere quiet and peaceful in your offices, you should look into double glazed acoustic glass partitions Liverpool. Here’s why they are being used by offices all over the country.

The Original Solution

Double Glazed Acoustic Partitions LiverpoolIn the past, there were two ways to create meeting spaces in your office. You could put up plasterboard walls and section off areas to make new rooms. This worked, but they were often dark and uninspiring places. They blocked light from the rest of the office, and were not great places to be. They took up a lot of visual space too, making offices feel pokier than they actually were.

While less popular, there was always the option of creating open plan offices and communicating with staff this way. The problem was, it over corrected. While light could come through and it kept the office feeling open, it wasn’t the best way to meet with others. While you were chatting about the latest project, someone nearby would be struggling to get work done due to the noise pollution.

How Double Glazed Acoustic Glass Partitions Liverpool Help

Luckily, acoustic glass has created the perfect middle ground. It helps you create those separated spaces, while still ensuring that there are no visual blocks in the space. Let’s see how that happens with these installations:

Instantly dull sound: These panels work in much the same way as your home double glazing does. The dual glass pane design works to dull the sound on the other side of the glass, making it much duller as soon as you close the door.

While the sound is dulled, it won’t be blocked entirely. That’s a benefit, as you don’t want the room to be totally silent. Being able to hear people moving around and working outside is helpful, as you’ll still be in touch with them. However, the noise will be quiet enough that you can get on with your meeting without being distracted.

Allow for light: One huge problem with the plasterboard method is the lack of light you get with it. Because you’ve put up those walls, they block the light and make the whole office darker. It doesn’t make the office a pleasant place to work, especially if you already struggle with getting natural light in there. 

If you use double glazed acoustic glass partitions Liverpool, you can have your separate space without having to sacrifice the light. No matter where you put them, the light will be able to shine through. That gives you lots of flexibility as to where you put the room. You can place it where it works best in the space, without having to worry about blocking off windows.

 Keep in touch with office visually: Even while you’re in a glassed off meeting space, you don’t want to be totally cut off. As mentioned above, you’ll still be able to hear them a little as you work, so you’re in touch with the office. Being glass, you’ll be able to see them too. 

That’s important for a lot of staff, as they don’t want to be working on their own. It’s hard to concentrate for them if they feel as though they’ve been cut off from all their co-workers. If they can see everyone through the glass walls, then it’s much easier for them to work on their project.

Add more character to the space: Does every office look the same? It doesn’t have to. Double glazed acoustic glass partitions Liverpool are very practical, but they are also a great way to update the look of the space. They have a serious modern feel, so you’ll have an office space that feels up to date.

Acoustic glass partitions are the answer to a lot of problems offices have had in the past. Whether you’re building a new office or are updating your space, you’ll want to have it installed. Talk to us for a quote on your new partitions, and you’ll see what a difference they make.

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