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A Name You Can Trust

KP Ceilings LTD


We take pride in every job we do. No matter how large or small it is, we’ll work to give you the best quality partitions and construction work possible. Why? Because we know that you want the work to last for as long as possible. Some companies will take short cuts and look to finish the job as quickly as possible. Instead, we aim to do the best job possible, giving you work that stand up to the tests of time.

Varied Services

While we are ensuring that we’re doing the best job possible, that doesn’t mean we’re slow. In fact, we’re one of the quickest companies around. You don’t want a lot of disruption in your office if you can help it. That’s especially true if you regularly have clients in the office, or are on the phone to potential customers. We aim to get the job done as quickly as possible, minimising the disruption to you and your employees.

Health & Safety Minded

As a business owner, you know that health and safety is incredibly important. You need to ensure your building is safe at all times, and that includes when construction work is happening. We understand that, and so we’ll work with you to keep our work as safe as possible. No one is ever put at risk as we work on your building, neither your staff or our team, so you can bring us in with confidence.

Environmental Expertise

One thing many businesses have to consider now is their effect on the planet. It’s certainly difficult to fully eradicate the damage we do, and if you’re considering construction then you’ll wonder how you can do it ethically. Construction historically isn’t the most energy efficient business, but we’re working to change that. Our team use tools and equipment that’s as energy efficient as possible, and ethical building materials wherever possible. We’ll do our best to help you stick to your environmental goals.

Innovative Staff

 How can we promise quick work turnaround without cutting corners? It’s all thanks to the staff we have. Every staff member here is trained in the services we provide. When they join us, we train them up into a team member that can identify and construct the best partitions and ceilings for you. As they’re so well trained and experienced, it doesn’t take them long at all. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the best possible team are working on your building.

Supportive Staff

As a business, we’re not content to rest on our laurels. We’re always ready to re-examine what we do, looking for better materials, better techniques, and better ways to create new spaces for you. We’ll never get stuck in a rut, so you’ll get the most high tech and efficient work from us. There’s nothing better than knowing you’re getting the most up to date construction work possible, whatever we’re installing for you.

Long-Term Experience

With our team, we’ve got over a half-century of expertise working in the Liverpool area and beyond. This lets us deliver on our promise to make sure that every job is handled to the best of our ability, with a lifelong service history guaranteeing results.